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Target and strengthen core muscle tissue in a Fun & Easy way


Just swing your Flexi Bar and you can get -->


Benefits of Flexi-Bar

  • Strengthened deep muscles, consciously targeting the back, pelvic floor and core muscles.
  • Better Balance, Improved Stability, Strength Endurance and Coordination
  • Improve Back Pain
  • Better Waistline
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Strengthen Connective Tissue
  • Improve Posture and Flexibility


Why Flexi Bar?

  • Quick and Effective - just 10 minutes for an effective workout.
  • Light weight and easy to store - Train for a fitter body while watching your favourite TV show
  • Suits all ages, different fitness levels


The FLEXI-BAR® was the first sports device to be awarded the AGR seal of approval as a training device for back therapy and gymnastics. You can use the FLEXI-BAR® in therapy and prevention, but it also complements any other sport, as it provides balance, Improved stability, strength endurance and coordination.


Available in 4 levels of difficulty  (low to high )- Green (kids/senior),  Red (standard), Blue (intensive) and Black (athlete). The difficulty are distinguished by the level of resistance to the swinging motions.


Limited time only : Special Pink standard Flexi Bar

Import from and Made in Germany.




Weight at only 680 grams, XCO is light and very easy to use, either for your walk or run, or for specific strengthening exercises.

  •     Burn up to 33% more calories
  •     Increase your cardiovascular fitness
  •     Increase your muscular strength
  •     Reduce your body fat
  •     Strengthen your core
  •     Stimulate connective tissue and accelerate its growth
  •     Tone your upper & lower body
  •     Recognized form of physical therapy
  •     Improve your sports performance
  •     Shorten your workout time


Import from and Made in Netherland.

Flexi Bar XCO combo

HK$3,200.00 Regular Price
HK$3,000.00Sale Price

    Made in Germany

    4 types - Red (standard), Blue (intensive), Black (athlete) and Green (kids/senior)

    Light weight 

    Made with fibreglass and polyurethane.


    Weight: 680g

    Made with aluminimum and special particles.

    Authorised distributor in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and China.

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