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Target and strengthen core muscle tissue in a Fun & Easy way


Just swing your Flexi Bar and you can get -->


Benefits of Flexi-Bar

  • Strengthened deep muscles, consciously targeting the back, pelvic floor and core muscles.
  • Better Balance, Improved Stability, Strength Endurance and Coordination
  • Improve Back Pain
  • Better Waistline
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Strengthen Connective Tissue
  • Improve Posture and Flexibility


Why Flexi Bar?

  • Quick and Effective - just 10 minutes for an effective workout.
  • Light weight and easy to store - Train for a fitter body while watching your favourite TV show
  • Suits all ages, different fitness levels


The FLEXI-BAR® was the first sports device to be awarded the AGR seal of approval as a training device for back therapy and gymnastics. You can use the FLEXI-BAR® in therapy and prevention, but it also complements any other sport, as it provides balance, Improved stability, strength endurance and coordination.


Available in 4 levels of difficulty  (low to high )- Green (kids/senior),  Red (standard), Blue (intensive) and Black (athlete). The difficulty are distinguished by the level of resistance to the swinging motions.


Limited time only : Special Pink standard Flexi Bar

Import from and Made in Germany.

Athelite Sports is the Authorised Distributor in Hong Kong, Macao, China.

Flexi Bar

  • Made in Germany

    4 types - Red (standard), Blue (intensive), Black (athlete) and Green (kids/senior)

    Light weight 

    Made with fibreglass and polyurethane.


    Flexi-Bar Package also includes; Flexi Bar Bag, Training Chart, and Training Vdo.

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