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  1. Fascia Massage Cork Roller


The ARTZT vitality massage cork roller made of cork - made entirely from sustainable raw materials and 100% recyclable.  Cork is also very easy to care for and absolutely skin-friendly, enabling particularly comfortable fascia training. Thanks to the cut-out in the middle, this special fascia ball is easy on the spine and is ideal for back or neck massages.


Why cork fitness equipment?

The material used in this fascia roller is harvested directly from cork oaks in Portugal. The Western European country manufactures high-quality products with fair working conditions. 


The cork oak is an evergreen deciduous tree whose trunk is ideally suited for the extraction of the environmentally friendly raw material. When this oak tree is at least 20 years old, it can be used for raw material extraction for the first time. The tree is not felled during harvest.


Experienced cork farmers peel the natural material by hand from the tree, which is the only tree in the world not to suffer any injuries from this process. Only after seven to ten years can the tree be used again for the cork harvest. This makes cork a 100% sustainable material.


The cork massage roller does not contain any heavy metals or their compounds, organic solvents, mineral fibers or formaldehyde.



Easy Care & Antibacterial

Cork is the new trend material in fitness, gymnastics, yoga and Pilates. The material, which is otherwise more commonly known as flooring or wine bottle stoppers, consists of 100% natural raw materials, is recyclable and absolutely skin-friendly and easy to care for.


Since cork has an antibacterial effect and bacteria cannot permanently settle on the material, cleaning with a damp cloth is usually sufficient. In addition, cork is very hard-wearing and simply feels pleasant on the skin. A real all-rounder!


Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 10 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Material: cork from Portugal - easy-care, skin-friendly and 100% recyclable


All benefits at a glance:

  • Simply roll out painful and tense body parts
  • Ideal for use on the neck, back, shoulders, arms and legs
  • Retains the natural warmth and always feels comfortable on the skin
  • Made entirely from sustainable raw materials


2. Massage Roller Classic & Mini, Anyone can massage


The ARTZT vitality massage roller mini was developed to protect your hands and to be able to carry out a particularly selective massage on most body regions. The design is kept simple and natural and fits so wonderfully into the interior design. The handle of the ARTZT vitality mini massage roller is longer and slimmer than that of the classic version and is therefore particularly suitable for applications on the face and neck as well as for reflex zone massage on the hands and feet. The balls of the ARTZT vitality massage roller roll gently to deeply over the body regions to be treated - if necessary also on the clothing. The intensity can be easily regulated via the pressure exerted. If necessary, the massive ball can also be removed and used without a hand shell. The steel ball can also be heated in warm water or cooled in the refrigerator.


Technical specifications:

  • Cherry wood handle
  • Steel ball ideal for heating and cooling application
  • Ball diameter: 3 cm
  • Ball interchangeable and combinable with other grips and handguards
  • Easy to clean with alcohol-free, water-based disinfectant
  • Made in Germany


All benefits at a glance:

  • The ultimate all-rounder for fascial, trigger, massage and reflex zone therapy
  • Massage without oil and if necessary also on the clothes
  • Gentle to deep massage of many body regions
  • Used for tension, trigger points or simply for a relaxing massage


3. tense? Just solve the problem yourself!

They cause pain whose origin is not immediately recognizable: trigger points.  The lumpy muscle hardening occurs because we often sit for too long, move incorrectly, too little or too much, for example when doing sports.   Now you can easily treat the pain points yourself thanks to trigger point massage!  What is triggering?  The most common way to treat these muscle spasms is compression.  Targeted pressure is applied to the hardened area with the thumb or a massage tool until the tension is released.  The muscle is supplied with blood again and the transmitted pain disappears.  If you don't want to go straight to a professional for the trigger point treatment, you can easily treat muscular tension yourself at home.  It is important to hit the trigger point as precisely as possible and to build up sufficient pressure.

ARTZT Fascial Massage Pack 2 (made in Germany)

HK$1,492.00 Regular Price
HK$1,400.00Sale Price
  • Ideal for the prevention of pains!

    This dynamic mini-role targets for fascia training, regeneration, relaxation of the myofasces (connective tissue of the muscles and muscle groups) and improves the regeneration of the muscles to increase the performance.

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